program helloworld
     print *, "Hello, World!"
end program helloworld

The snippet above is a simple implementation of a “Hello, World!”-program in Fortran. You can try to build and execute it online here! While Fortran may not be the most obvious language to use in 2018 it’s what I am currently working with in a project that deals with a lot of numerics (where the language still proves superior).

As this is the first post on this site in its current format, I’ll give a brief introduction to it. If you do not already know who I am, you can read a brief bio in my about page.

Despite always having some form of personal website, I’ve rarely posted much else than links to my social media profiles (see main page for links) and hosted static content. And to be honest, I will most likely not regularly post to this site. For social content and short ramblings I mostly use Twitter (Norwegian).

This site will serve as a small digital cross road for my online persona, and contain some random posts from time to time regarding topics that interest me on both a personal and professional level. For the time being, these topics include technology, programming, information security, science and other stuff.

As stated in the footer, this site is built with the static site generator Hugo and uses a forked Coder theme. It is hosted on GitHub Pages Cloudflare, which is configured towards my custom domain – no servers to manage and open source all the way!

Until next time (it might be a while),

– Mats