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Mats Estensen

Mats Estensen

Hi! Welcome to my personal digital corner of the Internet!

I am a Cloud & DevOps Architect working in Oslo, Norway. Since early 2021 I have been working at Devoteam M Cloud (Prev. Devoteam Cloudify). From 2017-2021 I worked at Sopra Steria.

I’m passionate about architecting and building modern infrastructure and platform solutions on public cloud platforms like Azure by using infrastructure-as-code and DevOps methodologies.

From 2012 to 2017 I studied nanotechnology (M.Sc.) at NTNU, Trondheim with one year abroad at the University of California Santa Barbara. Along my studies I worked part-time with IT infrastructure development and operations for three years (2014-2017), which led me into the IT business with a summer internship at Sopra Steria in 2016.

I am interested in cloud platforms, infrastructure-as-code, automation, DevOps, Linux, information security, programming challenges and much more. See more on my GitHub profile and list of certifications.

I support free and open-source software, digital privacy and an open and democratic Internet.

While I am not busy working I enjoy going to concerts and listen to music, jumping out of perfectly good planes, and enjoying life – all while looking out for new things to learn.

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If you want to get in touch, @ me on Twitter (DMs open).

For professional/private inquiries please contact me on:

  • LinkedIn: matsest
  • Email: matsest (insert you-know-what) mxe.no

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